Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Another fashion post? What the what is going on?

It's no secret that I've been a wee bit stressed lately. It took me over a week to find time to pick up my new specs, I've needed a haircut for about a month, keep forgetting to reschedule my dentist appointment that's this week, I'm breaking out, and needed have to get in for a bridesmaid dress fitting about two weeks ago. Oh, and now I average about a 50-60 hour work week.

Oy vey.

Not to say I'm not enjoying my new position, I am - very much so. It's challenging for sure, but every now and then I get little successes that remind me how great I could be in the position.

But I really need a haircut.

However, the one thing I can control is how I look and present myself. And lately I've been feeling like if I look put together, people will perceive me as 'put together'. So lately I've been going on shopping sprees on the aforementioned, picking up new cute outfits. I figured I'd start the week off right and don one of my new dresses.

It's a pretty crappy cell phone self-shot, but the dress is going to be one of my new favorites, and the shoes are my ever-versatile rainbow wedges. Seriously. I love these things, I wear them ALL the time. 

I also sported my new geek-chic spectacles. You can't see them very well, so here's a photo I uploaded to Path earlier today.

I love them, and they're surprisingly lightweight considering how thick the plastic is. And, since it is thick plastic, my coke-bottle lenses don't stick out so much.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feeling Fashionable

Recently I've become quite obsessed with the site Seriously, it's brilliant. Super cute vintage-y clothes, and they send me emails with outfit suggestions. I honestly cant tell you what a big help that is since it saves hours spent at the mall putting together outfits for purchase, something I'm really not all that great at anyway.

For example, this outfit was spawned out of one of those emails:

I roped a co-worker to take this picture at Starbucks during an afternoon Frappuccino run. The purse is one of my favorites, given to me by my dear friend Eleanor. It's an elementary school science book cover repurposed into a purse. It's one of the most unique and awesome purses I've every seen.

Hopefully this furthers my point that engineers can be cute too. And I've got more where that comes long as stays around. ;]

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom

I saw this picture circulating on Facebook recently and I must say, I fell in love with the statement.

I too often think that we find ourselves regretting decisions or fretting over those 'what-ifs'. We never really stop and think about the things that wouldn't have happened had we actually made those different choices. Would we be the same person we are today? Would we know the same people?

Most likely the answer is no. Honestly, I remember just a few weeks ago feeling like I may have made a mistake career-wise. While I loved my position, I felt I had stayed too long and would have trouble finding another job should I need to. But now I'm in the Engineering Manager, and nominated for my first award. Had I not been where I was, learning what I've learned, I wouldn't have the opportunities I have today.

So really, we need to appreciate our "mistakes" more. Every decision, good or bad has lead us to where we are today. Now, our lives are what we make it. More "mistakes" may be made, but they may lead us to great places.

I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty exciting.